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Be sure to check out the TESTIMONIALS

FLIP the Industry is an Indie Label & Studio, located in NDG, Montreal.


FLIP is dedicated to helping emerging Montreal Bands by bringing professional grade production, recordings, guidance... within reach of the less initiated.

In my experience as a musician, it is often hard to get someone to give you the time of day and show you the ropes, which makes learning and progressing an expensive and frustrating experience.

The Man Behind the Curtain
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My name is Benjy. I Built FLIP from the ground up, and the new studio entirely with my own 2 hands. That passion, dedication & commitment is what makes FLIP special.

I know how tough it is to be a musician on the local scene, and am furiously familiar with the scams, lies, and mistrust that go on in the industry. Though I may not be able to change all that, I refuse to succumb to it, and am searching for those musicians who feel the same.


FLIP the Industry - Indie Recording studio and label -  Montreal


    Though the studio has recently been the main focus, in the long run, it is meant more as one of many resources I can offer as an label with 360° of service.

    The toughest and most painful lesson for musicians is that music is a business, that requires a business strategy, and it is with that in mind that - one step at a time - FLIP has higher goals in mind.

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Production and arrangement, engineering, mixing and mastering, I'll help you make your songs as good as they can be, without taking over the songs or the process. (Hear TESTIMONIALS HERE).

Built entirely by my own hands and with the needs of a musician in mind, it's the attention to detail and the little extras that you'll love about the FLIP Studio.


FLIP is giving away 2 full (10 hours) days of Studio time! Submit your name now!

The 2 days must be consecutive, and must be used by the end of October 2015.

The winner will be selected randomly on Sept. 1, and will chosen from new and existing members of the FLIP Facebook Page, so all you need to do to enter is:


If you're new to FLIP:

All you need to do is add FLIP the Industry on Facebook, and SEND ME AN E-MAIL giving me your name and phone number! That's it!

If you're already on the FLIP FB Page:

Simply let me know that you want to be included in this contest by sending me an E-MAIL or messaging me on Facebook.

Everyone involved will automatically have 1 free entry, but you may purchase extra entries for better chances to win: $5 per entry, or 3 for $10. GOOD LUCK!


Contact Us






2000 Northcliffe Ave. #105

Montreal, QC. H4A 3K5

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